Friday, 3 June 2016

Celebrating Dad with VQ.

With Father's Day coming up it will soon be playing on all our minds and we will be planning how we are going to celebrate our wonderful man!

I personally always struggle with buying presents for Rob, whether it is for his birthday, Christmas or Father's day, I always ask him what he wants and I always get an "I don't want anything" response. Now for some of us this may be a good thing but for me, this is no help whatsoever. I love to buy him gifts and really like to get something thoughtful or something that I know he will like. 
Obviously, with children, they haven't ever really been of the age to have an input on what is bought, moreover, they weren't interested, but this year they are more clued in. But, by clued in, I mean Raphael thinks that buying something that he wants e.g. Lego and giving it to his dad will mean that he will also get the benefits rather than thinking ''What would Dad like?'' In reality he is probably right, Rob would love to sit and play Lego all afternoon with him but we have a box full of stuff for that!

It is hard. This is our exchange:

Emily: ''Rob, What would you like for Father's day?''

Rob: ''I don't mind, just don't spend too much money. Let's just spend the day together, or if it's nice weather we could go down to watch the cricket and take a ball or take a trip to the coast and have fish and chips. Although, Euro 2016 will have started by then, so it'd be nice to just watch the footy, or at least listen to it on the radio if we go out.''

Finding or doing something special is the key. A lot of the time, these celebratory days call for a good breakfast. We're partial to a continental for these kind of occasions; warm croissants, pain au chocolate and hot tea usually suffice. 

You, know me, I am a planner, so I am even sat here now thinking "What to do? Where to go? What shall I get this man?" 

I always want to give him a thoughtful gift, and it be from me. He plays such an important role in my life and I truly think he is the most wonderful father, so I like to try and show that. 
One thing I hate doing is wasting money and getting lots of random things that end up gathering dust or even in the bin. It is something that is so easy to do; buy a load of little things and it looks like more for your money, but in the long run, if I want to spend the money, I want to spend it well. 
I really love VQ radios and after predominantly loving the more female, lighter color styled ones I wanted to see what deeper colours they had to offer. Buying for men can be so tricky but I think for the price (£59.99) the Retro Mini in brown is just perfect. The shade is gorgeous and as a well chosen gift for a father I think this is quite possibly the perfect thing for Rob! The boy loves music, and sport, especially listening to the cricket. He would happily listen to a whole 5-day test match on the radio, and has before! So what a fab addition to our home for him to put in his own space to enjoy the wonderful background noise that a radio has to offer, or alternatively, if you can't drag you partner away from their sport, throw in some batteries and take it on your picnic or trip to the beach!
For me, and I am biased as I do really love these radios, but I seriously love the warm sound quality. I also love the little features like its alarm clock radio which is a lovely sound to wake up to.

Don't you think it's perfect?

Whatever comes of planning or buying or making for those special men, make sure you simply do it with love because they are such an important influence into your children's lives.

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Good Luck!


*Post in collaboration with VQ


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