Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Poppy Wave comes to Lincoln Castle

As far as housing wonderful pieces of art, we are lucky enough this summer here in Lincoln to have part of Paul Cummins' famous poppy display from The Tower Of London. The Wave, as it is called, is presented in Lincoln Castle from now until September and I popped along to see it it a couple of weeks ago when it opened. 

I was always angry at myself for not going down to London to see the main installment of Blood Swept Lands and Seas Of Red ,but I bet there are loads of us who could say that. I thought it was one of the most beautiful displays of respect I have ever seen, so I was really excited when I saw that we were able to host a part of it right here on our doorstep.

Entrance to the Castle grounds is free and it is a beautiful space to walk around. You can pay to go up and walk the walls around the castle also, but if you want to see the poppies it is easy enough to go in and have a look.

I felt very inspired after my visit. The sculptures themselves I thought were beautiful, each a simple flower but together made the most beautiful display. It really inspired me artistically as well as emotionally. What a beautiful way to represent a fallen soldier; a single red flower. The original piece in London was made with 888,246 poppies each one honouring a death from the British Forces from WW1. 

Lincoln Castle couldn't be a more beautiful setting for this display as well. After undergoing a big refurbishment and housing one of the 4 parts of The Magna Carter, the Castle is becoming a wonderful tourist spot. In the very heart of the city, sitting opposite the grand Cathedral, it also makes uphill Lincoln a wonderful place to visit. With all the lovely boutique shops in the Bailgate and the walk down Steep Hill into town, visiting our city is well worth it!


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