Friday, 17 June 2016

Fish Supper Fridays #1

I have been meaning to start doing some more cooking related posts, but it has taken me ages to get round to it. It has come at a good time though as Rob is very much out of action at the moment as he is very ill with suspected Glandular Fever, so I have had to start cooking. This, I can assure you is new. The fact that our children haven't just lived on pasta for the last week is quite an achievement! I just don't cook. Really it is not something I have ever done in our marriage and Rob actually really enjoys it so he has always done it. But as I said, he is very ill so it is now down to me. 
So instead of sharing every meal, as they are not going to be that gourmet, I thought I would start sharing a fish related meal each week or as often as I can. It is traditional in a lot of homes that Friday is a fish day. Most would opt for the chip shop version which, I must agree, we sometimes do, but I really want to have more fish in our diet and heading into summer when there is so much fresh food available to complement it, I thought I would get experimental. Now I have no experience of cooking fish. None. So this is going to be something I can really learn from.

This week I want to share my first fish dish, Cod with roasties and a home grown garden salad.

As I said, I have never cooked fish before, but now supermarkets make it so easy for by having everything in a cookable packet. I picked up some plain Cod fillets from Lidl, which you just put in the microwave for 3 1/2 minutes then leave to sit for 2. I mean, come on, we can all do that!
Now Rob's mum had actually brought over some left overs the night before when she was babysitting the kids and had left about 6 small roasted potatoes. I reheated them and cut them into chunks to mix in with the salad. Using leftovers like this is great so if you have something earlier in the week with potatoes, cook a few extra and keep a few for your Friday supper.
I then headed into the garden, picked a load of spinach, rocket and green salad. This was my first salad harvest and it was amazing! Our Rocket was particularly tasty, really peppery, and I was so pleased that it had all grown with very little pest damage.

Putting the greens and potatoes in a dish, I mixed them with a bit of balsamic and herb dressing we just happened to have, then flaked the cod over the top.

I ate it with the kids and found that I did eat most of it. Etta doesn't appear to like fresh fish all that much but hopefully I can change that. Raph on the other hand loves it so he really enjoyed eating it up. 

This was really easy, took about 15 minutes to prepare and gave us a nice meal for three.

Have a try for you fish supper Friday tea.


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