Sunday, 21 December 2014

Our Finished Christmas Cake

Our Finished Christmas Cake

A few weeks ago I shared my Grandma's Christmas cake recipe with you all. If you missed it click HERE.
I wanted to share with you the finished piece as I have decorated it now.
I covered it in marzipan and then just plain white fondant icing. I have then cut a thin strip of grey linen material and pinned it around the base. I then pinned a grey ribbon on top of that and added a bow.
I wanted to make a little bunting sign saying 'Noel', so I skewered 2 kebab sticks into the cake and tied some thread between like a washing line. I then added some grey string bows.
Using some thin card, I cut out some triangles along the fold so that I would be able to stick the front and back together. I wrote on them before I stuck them together. I used PVA glue and then some pegs to hold them as they dried.
I think the finished result is super cute. I wouldn't say it is particularly Christmassy but you could just change the colours to red and it would be instantly. I like it as it is my kind of style so I am really pleased with the finished result. I don't want to cut it now though, it's too pretty!

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