Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - CatGirls

Family Fashion Photo Shoot - CatGirls

It has been hard getting us all together for a shoot recently as we have been busy and the weekends have been taken up with family things. Today I thought it would be good for Etta and I to showcase our new cat hats!
To say this shoot was challenging was an understatement. Giulietta was not interested in partaking and in my  desperation to get a shoot done resulted in me desperately trying to get her in front of the camera with the hat on. The results therefore are a little blurred but I still think they have come out great!!

I wore: Zara Hat, old Next black jumper, Primark white shirt, H&M necklace, River Island old shorts and a H.Pinchbeck watch.

Etta wore; Bob & Blossom tutu, H&M spotty vest, Primark shoes and her hat was also H&M.

As you can see, tears were shed, but she did well. she looks adorable and once she was allowed to just play she was happy again. They always say to never work with kids!

If you want to steal our style click the links
Primark is on the high street and my black jumper is a standard black jumper.

Photo credits go to my sister Gabriella.

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