Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas Orange Pomander

Christmas Orange Pomander

I always love it when the supermarkets start to stock crates of satsumas and clementines. Lidl is especially good for it! I always think that once you see a crate near Christmas it instantly gives you a seasonal feel. Something about the box of them rather than the net bag. I love it. I love it especially when they come with leaves still on too like they have just been plucked from the tree and sent straight to you!
Thinking about using some clementines to make the table look pretty, I placed them in a glass bowl so that you can see the leaves and the pile mounted up.

I found out that you can use oranges to make natural room scents by sticking in cloves. Looking into how to do something like that I discovered that it is a popular activity to partake in at Christmas time. I thought it would be nice to do with the kids so we got some fresh oranges, a pack of cloves and a tooth pick. We pierced the skin wherever we wanted to place a clove and then pressed it in.
Raphael was absolutely loving it and he was able to do it completely independently. Etta however just got messy playing with an orange but that is what she wanted to do. For me, this was really therapeutic, it was amazing to just sit and have both children occupied. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

They look so pretty and smell so unbelievably amazing. We even added some red string to make one extra special.

I also placed some spruce from our Christmas tree in the glass bowl too!

What a beautiful treat to have on your table during this festive period.

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