Saturday, 6 December 2014

Feeling Like Mrs Clause

Feeling Like Mrs Clause

I love the whole season of Christmas. It's so magical for us and with having young children you find that you want to relive all your happy memories to make sure that they also get to enjoy the Christmas experiences. I really enjoy all the bonuses of this otherwise stressful period. I love to shop, so present planning and buying is one of my favourite things to do. I love giving gifts and I think this year will be especially exciting as Raph gets that bit older. I also enjoy the thought of decorating and getting out all my special pieces that make an appearance each year. I am loving enjoying them for the month that they are up as they disappear for a whole year afterwards. Socialising is also a big thing during this season. Diaries get full pretty quickly and for us we also celebrate two of my sisters' birthdays in December so it is most definitely party season!
I was thinking today about how the women in my life have always been very much in charge of all these things. Buying the right food and gifts, organising the calendar and events and generally being the ones who run the ship!
That then got me thinking about how Mrs Clause must feel after having a year of everyone working hard and it all culminating into this one event. She must be so organised as things begin to get hectic, and her timing must be absolutely precise. I am sure she has Christmas dinner ready on the table for the return of her hard working husband too.
Feeling like the chief can be quite rewarding and I know I get a kick when everything works to My plan. However, I do have to remind myself that it is my Christmas too and if I am not careful all my planning and perfect present buying will be wasted as I will get to Boxing Day and think " Where has it all gone!"
I am sure that regardless of how you work during this period you will be rewarded by the magical experiences that will come your way. Just remember to enjoy them and to not over plan so that the spontaneous treats get missed out.  This is a time for family and celebration so make sure you don't get too distracted by the crazy sales and take time to enjoy each day that you get!
Relax with a cup of tea and allow this beautiful season to fill you with joy.

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