Saturday, 13 December 2014

Spruce Swagging

Spruce Swagging

As it is the season for beautiful home decor, I thought I would share the florists' process of how we make a spruce swag.  

First you will need some spruce

Then cut off two branches that will be the largest of your selection. These will make the base. It is best to get pieces with a nice point on the ends to make a lovely long look.

Tie the two branches together securely so that there is no movement. 

Then using some wire that comes on a reel, attach to the base of the end spike so that you can wrap on other pieces of spruce . 

Any branch will then do for filling in swag. Use smaller pieces and place on top of the base wrapping around the wire each time to attach. As you wrap the different pieces on, move down in steps gradually getting closer to the middle. Do not just place one on top of each other. Think of it in 3 parts; top and to the back, middle face on, bottom and to the back. Make sure that you are making it look full and green. Work towards the center laying each pieces so it covers the stalks of the one before. Stop when you reach the centre and do the same thing on the other side creating a spray look, going out from the middle.

As you get closer to the middle you can add different greenery to create more depth to the piece. My sister also added in some Eringium which dries really well.
When you are happy, finish by wrapping the wire around the middle and twisting through the wraps to make a kind of knot.

To finish add a bow and tie around the back. 

I have placed a swag on our fireplace and added some decorations into it. I have also threaded some fairy lights through it to give us a nice glow on an evening.

I also got my sister to make me a smaller one which I have hung across my kitchen curtain to bring a little decoration through the house. Again, I have threaded fairy lights through so through the evening mess, there is something pretty to look at when washing the pots! 

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