Saturday, 13 December 2014

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Today we picked up our Fillingham Christmas Tree and brought it home to fill our house with the gorgeous smell of spruce. I love having a real Christmas tree. I have always had one at home so when we came to deciding on what we were having in our home, there was no question that it could be anything but a real one. 
We picked out this tree ourselves from the tree plantation in Fillingham, Lincolnshire.We have stood it in a lovely Garden Trading bucket that has 'Grown In The UK' written on it, which I absolutely love and is quite correct for our tree. 
We decorated it together with Christmas music on and warm cups of tea filling us up. Poor Etta got herself all worked up and ended up asleep in bed, and Raph was interested in bits but also more in his lego!
I remember when we were first married I was quite particular about what went on the tree and I still am but to allow the kids to also enjoy the experience, I have had to let go of my O.C.D symmetrical tree design and just let us all enjoy it together as a family.
As I had quite particular taste in the colour and style of our decorations Rob always felt a bit put out that he couldn't pick what he wanted so we decided that each year he could buy his own decoration to put on the tree! It was a little joke really and he always picked out cute ones so it's quite nice that he is able to add his own little touch to it all.

I thought you might prefer to see lots of pictures instead of loads of writing!

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