Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Style #mumstyle

My Style #mumstyle

I love it when you are out shopping for something specific and you come across something that you wanted, never bought and is now on the sale rail. This Marks and Spencer skirt was one of those items. I didn't really have anything to wear it for so I just left it when it first came into the store but when popping through to the food hall the other day my eye spotted the big red Sale sign and I had a little peruse. There were only 2 of these skirts there and seeing the price for a mere £16.99 I was unable to leave it behind. I have two outfits here, one you could wear for an event and one for just chilling or shopping in. It's a lovely skirt and so floaty and I love the caramel/ peach colour. 
The reason I think this skirt should be in my wardrobe is because it is flattering for me and it helps create a flowing silhouette. This skirt is a lovely length so it makes me feel feminine, it is a flattering cut with the high waist and pleats and the colour is one that can be worn all year round so it dosen't look out of place with heels for a summer wedding or a bobble hat for a winter walk.

With heels or pumps I would say this skirt pretty much fits the bill for a multi purpose item. I know I will be able to create lots of different looks with it so therefore it was a good purchase and a good piece for my #mumstyle.

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