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My Favorite Christmas Decorations

My Favourite Christmas Decorations

I love getting out my Christmas decorations. Some of them I bought when Rob and I shared our first Christmas together married. It is amazing to think that this is our 5th Christmas in this house and how much it has changed from our first one. Then, in our lovely but much smaller sitting room we had a real spruce tree that filled about a quarter of the room. We hung brand new decorations on the tree that were bought to see us through all our Christmases together and every year we have got them out and used the same ones. Obviously I have added to the collection of decorations over the years but most of them are the same ones.
I thought I would share with you some of my favourite ones.

Wire Mistletoe 
I think I bought this from a little shop on Burton Road in Lincoln. I am sure it was a Gisela Graham item but I am struggling to remember. What I love about it is that it is so simple and pretty. Such a cute deign using the pearl beads as the berries and I love getting it out each year and being able to reuse the same piece of mistletoe to kiss under.

Slate Christmas Trees
These came into the house 2 Christmases ago. A builder friend originally gave me some off cuts of slate that I drew on which was really simple. As time has moved on I have introduced these bigger ones which are drawn on slates from a builders' merchant in Lincoln. They sit bigger and straighter than the original but I still have them and like to use slate and chalk in our Christmas decoration.

Soft Santa
This Santa Clause character was picked up from somewhere local. I can't remember now but this was one of the first decorations I bought. I Love the simplicity of the look of this little hanger. I place him around the house and move him about as I see fit. I love that he has a little pig under his arm as well. A bit random but it is very cute with his little scarf on!

Bell garland
This bell garland is one of this year's purchases and I know it is going to be one of my favourite as I just love the sound it makes. It really just sounds like Christmas all in one jingle of the garland. I picked it up from a stall at the Harrogate Country Living Fair.

Nativity Set
My Parents bought this for us for our first married Christmas together. The first part of the set was Mary, Joseph and the shepherd. A year later they then added the 3 Kings to the set. It is really beautiful and is designed by Willow Tree and I have seen it sold on the internet and in H. Samuel. It is really beautiful as it is so simple and as there are no faces to depict expressions it really makes you notice the shape of the bodies and how the scene is played out. I have our Advent plant pots placed around it so it has become quite a focal point in our Advent journey.

Tree Baubles
I have a few of these but there are some that our my absolute favourites. I purchased these from Follie in Lincoln many years ago now and to this day I still absolutely love them. Most of our tree decorations are in this mercury glass effect and most of them are silver so I bought these to match in. I love the pearl bead hangers and love how dainty they are. 

Homemade Stockings
My final favourite decoration are my homemade Christmas stockings. These were last year's creations inspired by my sister-in-law who also made some. I love hessian type fabrics and the use of cream lace was very much inspired by me wanting to create something quite priceless for us all to own. I used 3 bits off lace that run across the top of the stocking. The first piece is some lace that I chose and bought. The second was some that my grandma had collected and the third is some from one of Rob's Grandma's old tablecloths that we were given when she died. 
They were a simple design and didn't take too long to make but I absolutely love that our children have something that is quite precious and actually means something to the family. A lovely thing to keep and I hope the kids will cherish them as much as I do.

So these were some of my favourites. I hope to add to our collection as time moves on but at the moment, I am just loving these pieces and all of our others bits.

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