Monday, 22 December 2014

Button Gingerbread Men

Button Gingerbread Men

If you read any of our Halloween posts you would have seen we made some clay pumpkins that we then decorated with buttons. (Click HERE to view). As a Gingerbread Man is a more fitting shape during the Christmas period, Raphael and I made some today.

We used a Cookie cutter to get the shape out of clay and then let that dry. It took a couple of days to completely air dry through. So do that before you plan the full activity! 
We then painted them in a brown colour so that the base resembled a gingerbread biscuit. You can then decorate with what you want but we chose buttons. Raphael loved it and we had made some for Etta to do but as she was sleeping and Raph was enjoying them so much, we decided to just continue and do them all! I knew she wouldn't be bothered!

Raphael was so pleased with the results, he was very proud to have done it by himself.

These are now perfect for hanging on a tree or using as gift tags for presents.

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