Sunday, 6 November 2016

Raphael's Boden Haul

It is so easy buying clothes for Giulietta. Especially from the likes of Boden, but as Raph is at school five days a week it almost seems silly him having so many as he just doesn't wear them. I keep telling myself I will save a fortune once Etta is at school so here's hoping hey!
With half term coming up and having been sent a voucher (Probably because I keep filling up my Boden basket then leaving it) I was enticed into purchasing a few tops for Raph to enjoy over the half term and through the colder winter months. 

If there is anything I have noticed about Raph in the fashion area is that this kid really, really suits navy blue. Like on a different level suits it and I must say, his wardrobe is made up of a lot of it. Due to his colouring and his skin tone I just think it is a colour that he pulls off well and the darker the better, In fact I would say French Navy is probably his best!

After having a good browse through the boys section I settled on 4 new longs sleeved tops, all quite blue, to add to his wardrobe knowing that teamed with jeans and brown boots or Converse, this kiddo will have a fresh injection to his dwindling selection of short sleeved tees left over from the summer. 


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