Tuesday, 1 November 2016

#BDAGwears WOrks of DENmark

My life has somewhat been surrounded to Scandinavia things of late. Ideas in home design have been bustling round my head but never had I thought it would enter my fashion world. Having discovered WOrks of DENmark recently I knew it wouldn't be long before I joined their uber cool and fashion forward family. I mean it seems silly to some, you want some cool sneaks, Adidas offer all of them, but for me, sometimes, I like to make more genuinely 'cool' choices and WODEN fits the bill!
If you have't come across them before, you have to go follow them and view their range. WODEN is a brand which only started in 2013 where creating a true Scandinavian designed sneaker was all that was on the cards. That was the goal, to blend Scandi design with old school trainers and create something that would not only last, but something that would truly break the mould.
With all their trainers being made from natural materials such as leather and cork, these shoes are not only individually stylish but they are sure comfy!
The idea behind their cork sole is that it brings comfort for everyday urban lifestyles. And I can honestly say, you can tell. These are by far the most comfy shoes I have ever worn, and it is almost immeasurable. No rubbing, no blisters, no "oh they will soften after a few wears", No, these are it when it comes to comfort. And style, well, my WODEN Yudun are this fantastic shiny black and look so smart. I would only wear them casually but they would easily work for commuters wanting to look smarter but be practical and comfortable.

For me on a personal level, I like having things that aren't always the most popular thing on the market. Sometimes you have to look a little further to find that special thing and making WODEN part of my wardrobe is really inspiring. Their ethos, their ways, I just love it!


*Post in collaboration with WODEN

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