Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Our Great Little Trading Co Christmas List #TestingTeam

Recently I have been asking the kids what they were thinking about asking from Father Christmas for Christmas to give me a bit of a heads up in deciding what I would have to be buying to accompany such lovely gifts from good old St. Nick.
The problem is, with TV adverts in overdrive I think that the kids choices change each day making it quite tricky to try to plan what I will be spending my money on.
For me the more I can get in one place the better. The reality is I like to find good brands and stick with them. Even though you might find similar things cheaper elsewhere, I know that for me Great Little Trading Company offers beautiful quality products that will last and last. And they keep doing percentage off days so they are making everything more affordable; it is worth checking. 

For me, the joy that GLTC also bring is not only ''Can I buy for the kids'', but their home and storage ideas are perfect for gifting to grown ups. GLTC isn't just a kids brand, it is a family brand and that is why I love them so much! 

Raph happened to mention this morning that he was going to ask F.C for a pirate ship. He had seen a plastic one on TV but for me, nothing beats wood, which is perfect as the GLTC wooden pirate ship and buccaneers fort would make perfect additions to our toy collection. Sea pieces are something we don't have much of so that would be great!

Whilst I was looking I got distracted by their Beaumont Castle which looks absolutely gorgeous but we already have a castle (it isn't as fancy) but I thought it was worth sharing as it would be a beautiful gift for a young one.

With regards to buying for Giulietta I find her really easy, in fact I could buy her any of the GLTC kitchen wear, dolls houses, art equipment and find that she would be so happy with any of it. That said I really love their Dolls range. Etta got their Dolls Pram for her first birthday. They offer a different print now to what we have but it is such a gorgeous piece it would be nice to buy some more from that range to give her a 'looking after baby' set.
Not only do GLTC have good big toys on offer but they have wonderful little things, perfect for stocking fillers or small gifts to go under the tree!
Even their personalised swim bagsbook carts and their town bricks make perfect gifts for any age.

If I were to buy my own Christmas gifts I would probably look at getting some of their Gallery bookcases and would love to get a couple for all my interior and homes books. They would look so stylish all front facing where you can actually enjoy seeing their front covers rather than just seeing the spine. I would also love one of their desks; I am quite in the mood for creating an office space and their Oxford Desk is something I have wanted for ages now. It would look so nice sat in between two of the bookcases (can you tell I have already planned it in my head) and sat on their Grey Star rug, or their wide pink stripe rug, I can't decide!!
For me though, their furniture suits our house so much that any of their pieces would make me very happy.
What I love, and I have said this before, is that Great Little Trading Company strive to create a happy home and there is nothing that I find from their products that wouldn't do that. Being on their Testing team I have been privy to try out things and really see for ourselves just how good their products are, and just what a nice company they are, even the ones at the top. This family business have spent years creating and curating perfect home pieces and having any of their things in my home sure makes me happy.

They are well worth a look to help with your Christmas shopping.


*This is not a collaborative piece, I have not been payed to say this, I just really Love GLTC!!!

Also, Pictures all from GLTC website.

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