Monday, 21 November 2016

BDAGwears Ft. Giulietta's Angel's Face (And A Discount Code To Use)

What a perfect time of year to fall in love with knitwear! I mean how is it that the change in temperatures can bring such amazing clothing out and have so many nice things available for all ages. Our long running favourites Angel's Face have brought out the most beautiful knit and winter wear. I mean, as these guys always do, they have got me as the parent falling head over heels for their products and making everyone who Etta comes into contact with cooing over her in the same way due to the outstanding cuteness factor they they deliver so well with all their clothing.
Knitwear for Etta is a funny one really, she has nice cardigans but I can guarantee most of the time she takes them off and just wears her top or dress she would have underneath. It is just one of those things she has always done and I never try to spend too much on knitwear as I know it always comes off.

However that said, when I first saw these chunky knit ponchos I knew that they would look so gorgeous and be a perfect piece as an intermediate jacket for running around in. And boy was I right. Not only is this genuinely super cute but Etta keeps it on all day if she is wearing it and it has been perfect for pulling on for school runs or just trips out when you are only outside for a short time. It does however still fit under Etta's winter coat which makes it a great layer for a day outside. With the matching cameo blue chunky knit hat as an outfit it will actually make you go weak at the knees; so umbelieveable gorgeous and to make you want to literally cry with love, add the cameo blue fur snood!

As is the case with Angel's Face, I don't need to be wearing one of their tutus to feel like a princess, they seem to be able to channel that umbelieveably girly trait into all items they have and enable a child to feel absoultely gorgeous even on this occasion where she is still in jeans. Etta often asks to wear princess skirts and sometimes they are just not practical for our day, but as soon as she saw these she had the same reaction she would have had to a tutu, which I find a really beautiful compliment to the creators who are able to make her feel special in such nice practical wear. 

Fancy buying some Angel's Face for a sepecial little one? Use the code BRICKDUST for 10% off your order!! Expires 31/12/16!


*Post in collaboration with Angels Face

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