Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Weekend walks, log fires and experiencing Hygge.

For so many of us, experiencing Hygge is a usually weekend occurrence; that want to get outdoors and feel close to nature is easily something that we would all do and then that return to the warmth of the home brings that feeling of comfort and joy. As we live about a mile from Lincoln Cathedral you instantly have a great walk already beautifully set out. You head out ready to be greeted by this monumental building and can then turn round with a skip in your step ready for the return home with thoughts of warming food and drinks to keep you going. I think this year more than ever we will be walking as the children have grown more resilient and a pushchair is becoming less and less used.

With our new fire also, home has very much become a real haven for us. Oh, the warmth and comfort it brings is really acting on my Hygge life I am constantly trying to create; that Danish art of living simply but cosily and truly enjoying your surroundings. Hygge has been on my mind a lot; more because I know we already live a lot by this term but also because I like having a reminder of noticing the lovely cosy things that make our life happy.

With the fire already lit and waiting, coming in from those walks is bliss, and using up apples that Raphael brought back from the trees at school really make for a very warming meal indeed. 
And all these things can be ready for when we come back, with these gorgeous Garden Trading Enamel food pots, whipping up some small apple crumbles and storing them ready for use is so easy. With our mugs of hot tea, our hands and bellies are being warmed and as for keeping the fire topped up, Log basket is heaving and our Kindling bucket is ready full of scraps to keep those fires lit.

Having a wood burner has brought so many wonderful aspects to our home. We have it burning most days and keeping it going is so easy due to the nature of the stove. Handy stove tools obviously always make it easy and we find that this is a real atmosphere maker now we have it in. 

All these beautiful aspects come with the weather getting colder and we truly love to embrace this, bobble hats and all. Wrapping up and keeping warm is such a wonderful part of the British winter time and I for one am going to make sure that I truly enjoy every walk out and every walk into our home.


*Post in collaboration with Garden Trading

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