Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Jumpers Ft. Matalan

I know it is hard for some of you to even have Christmas on your brain yet, but in a blogger's world you have to start early as there is so much to share before December even starts, let alone actual Christmas!
I think sometimes though it is nice to share some Christmassy bits in the lead up as it is good to be as prepared as possible!
A new trend that has definitely become somewhat more popular in the last 10 years in the fashion industry is having the most amazing Christmas Jumpers. Nowadays too a lot of schools partake in Christmas jumper days meaning something that once was an embarrassing thing to be seen in has now become the coolest! And the more extravagant the better! We recently were asked to try out some of Matalan's Christmas jumpers and I honestly have been pleasantly surprised at the quality, design and overall look that we have been able to enjoy!

Without trying to look too twee, we all picked quite different motif jumpers which kind of suited our personalities; A light up penguin jumper for Giulietta, to bring more attention onto her (she loves it), An extra cool Christmas tree jumper for our little cool dude, I went for an obvious sequined jumper as that is what I quite simply adore and Rob got a more classic bright red slogan jumper, which as the pictures show is just really gorgeous and a fantastic fit!

I think what has become so lovely about wearing a Christmas jumper is that it genuinely makes you feel in the mood for Christmas. I can honestly say I hated Christmas jumpers before, but last year I ended up getting two really nice ones and can now say I am a complete convert! Honestly, I totally love them and love how excited you feel by putting one on!

Something that I have also noticed about actually having and enjoying wearing a Christmas jumper is that it makes a great pathway to enjoying the whole season of Christmas. That idea of the classic American Christmas card scene of an entire family posing in Christmas jumpers is quite ingrained in my head and maybe that's why I never liked them before, but even getting ready for taking these photos and putting the kids in the jumpers very much gave me that festive feeling of wanting to be dressed like that as a family, it was very cute and actually probably a bit sickening in a way as it was just too much!

These Matalan pieces are fab for kitting out a whole family and giving us all something a bit special to wear. I have a feeling Raph especially will be wearing it whenever he can and shaking his chest a lot as it has bells on it!

For the price, quality of fabric and designs, Matalan has loads to offer but be careful, you might also get distracted into looking at their Christmas home ware as it all looks amazing too!


*Post in Collaboration with Matalan.

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