Thursday, 19 May 2016

The kindness of strangers.

When I went to one of my Zumba sessions this week with my new blonde hair, I was really surprised that another attendee came up to me just to say how fantastic I looked. I was totally blown away! She also told me that she likes to stand behind me in the class, as I danced so stylishly (She was being way too kind at this point) and that she hadn't recognized me at first and could't believe just how amazing me new hair looked on me! Compliments like that, from the heart always mean so much. For someone to come over to me, out of their way when they could just go home and say nothing, and to take the time to tell me how nice I look is such a wonderful thing to do. I was so thankful, what a kind lady! It got me reflecting on how often I don't say things to people who I don't know, maybe it's nerves or maybe I just feel it is inappropriate but I so often walk past women and think, wow, they look amazing and never say anything! I am going to change this, I am going to pass on my kind thoughts as you never know just how it may change someone's outlook about themselves and totally brighten up their day!


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