Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Growing our own Produce with Rocket Gardens!

Sometimes when shops give away goodie bags when you spend a certain amount, I would often briefly look to see if there was anything of real value but probably not pay much attention to the rest. It can often just be a form of advertisement which is fine, but I wouldn't offer much time to it. However, when I went to Bath with Joules and received a goodie bag, in which there was a pair of socks (value) and a Rocket Gardens leaflet, I did my usual and just packed it into a pile and left it for nearly a week before I looked at it properly. I am so glad I did look at it again as inside was a voucher code for a free box of vegetable plants to grow in your own garden. I obviously signed up for it and within a couple of weeks I got my box of tiny plants ready to go into our soil and produce a wealth of 'free food' over the summer.

What a fantastic free gift! 
So a box of these plants arrived and I pretty much got planting straight away! Unfortunately our boarder that is used for planting is full of flowers so I had no choice but to plant in pots. I wouldn't normally use pots as our soil is amazing for growing in, but with all these little plants needing to go somewhere I used all my Kew Garden pots and a few extras to divide the plants up.
After they all ran out though, our wonderful neighbours stepped in and offered us some of their veg patch to grow on. I was so thankful. So there we were; Etta, Jan and I planting up a host a vegetables in pots and in the ground ready for harvesting when grown. 

Thank goodness, for Jan's knowledge on growing plants, too. Unfortunately. I am one of those people who is a little lazy when it comes to gardening. I like no fuss, so plants that need water are as far as I go! Obviously then, growing produce there is a lot more to take into consideration. Drainage, light, pests wanting to eat the leaves, everything that I never think of when gardening! Etta really enjoyed her company too as she was showing her how to plant potatoes and how to use bamboo sticks to support our beans and tomatoes. We both learned a lot!

With everything planted up, our Rocket Garden will hopefully bring our neighbours and us many happy summer meals together and will allow our children to get a lot of enjoyment in seeing how and where food comes from. 
I am so glad I didn't throw out this voucher, what a fantastic gift!

Are you green fingered? What are you growing for your summer table?


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  1. Looks lovely and such a fab way to involve children in the garden! I love it when we can all go out and plant and have fun :) Keep us posted! Jess xx


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