Thursday, 5 May 2016

Our Stay In Bath #BDAGtravels

After sharing on the blog last week that my sister and I ended up in Bath for a lot of work, I thought it was only fair to share some chat about our stay and exploring the city. 

I feel that there is something very special about Bath that can only be experienced whilst there. The Bath stone architecture is something that is quite unimaginable and unexplainable and I don't even think photos do it justice really. It is breath taking and the fact that it is just everywhere in the city makes such an impact, then as you look onto surrounding hills and you see the yellow stone house from miles away, you realise the  design of the city and appreciate it so much more. 

Walking down Great Pulteney street towards the apartment where we stayed with Bath Boutique Stays was just so beautiful. With The Holbourne Museum stood at the very end to guide you down this vast Georgian road; it was quite spectacular. Being very lucky ladies we were able to stay in, classics writer, Jane Austen's apartment which is situated just off Great Pulteney Street. A beautiful big door welcomes you into the apartment block where each level can be rented out. We stayed in the Cassandra suit on the first floor. It was beautifully light and very comfortable, with big windows on both sides, beautiful huge doors to separate the bedroom and living room and then with all amenities needed for self catering, this was a perfect spot for having a home away from home. 

On the second day of our stay we were able to have a good walk around the city and really explore its beauty more. There is obviously a great high street with a fantastic range of shops for all spending ranges. They are so beautifully placed around the city, up streets and in old buildings it seemed a very pretty town to shop in. 

Just walking around the buildings though and down side streets was what my sister and I wanted to do though, just enjoy the history and style of the city, which a good long walk allowed us to do. 

Unfortunately it was a cold rainy day but that didn't stop us exploring and enjoying Bath's beauty.
From my experience, it was a lovely city, one which I instantly wanted to take Rob to show. I would also love to go back and explore the Old baths in the area and be able to have a bit of a pamper instead!


Thanks for the invitation Joules, it was a fab experience!

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