Friday, 6 May 2016

Mamas Blooms Newsletter Edition 6

Well, this came round quickly! I know, I only have myself to blame for getting the last newsletter out late but as we are now in the month of May I am being good and getting this months out on time!
It might be all 'Weather Man' talk, but here in Lincolnshire we are going to be as hot as Ibiza this weekend! Hard to believe but even feeling the warmth of the sun today makes me smile in comfort. It was nice, that real warmth that makes you feel so well.

It really brings out nature's beauty as well; almost over night apple blossoms have popped out and even the joy at seeing my first Scabiosa flower gets me excited for being able to cut my own flowers through the summer. My garden had a few blooms popping up everywhere!

Flowers to buy in May
Every so often I get flowers that are not really in season, I do try not to as it ruins it for the months when they are meant to bloom. I am just to eager! It is a bit like buying tulips in January (I think I did that) but where in this country would Tulips be blooming in January?!
May begins the most glorious flower season; some of the most beautiful flowers pop up to say hello and by mid to late spring you should really be having Stocks, Scabiosa, Nigella, Peony, Lizzy, Hydrangea, Astilbe and Snap Dragon all adorning your homes.

Little pickers
It's funny that as our flowers begin to sprout in the garden Etta has been picking them as soon as she can. I have had to tell her so many times to wait until they are ready but then mid-sentence of me trying to explain to her she says "I got you flowers mummy". That makes it pretty hard to get annoyed that she picked my first and only blooming Scabiosa ( post photo) and picked it too short so I couldn't even put it in water! Little thing!

Garden Center trip
Rob and I have both being diagnosed with tonsillitis this week so it's fair to say we have been feeling under the weather, but today I decided to take a trip to the garden center and have a look at what they had to offer as new plants for summertime blooming.
I  find garden centers a really nice place to go for a walk about, I love looking at what's flowering or what they have displayed and I love planning what might look nice in our garden.
I was literally the only person there and Etta was asleep in her pushchair so it was so peaceful and with the breeze blowing, the warm sun beating down and all the lovely plants dotted around it was utter bliss to just wander round quietly! I am glad I get my kicks from going to a garden center! Seriously though, it was so nice and after just browsing for ages I settled on a couple of purchases. I got myself a Lilac tree, some Wisteria plants and a beautiful lilac coloured Rose to plant in the garden. Hopefully they will all appear in next month's newsletter but I wanted to share some shots from the garden center as they were just so pretty and colourful!

Beautiful Blossom
It is really hard for me to not talk a little about how fabulous all the blossom trees are at the moment. My parent's are very lucky as they have lots of blossoming fruit trees that always help add to a spring display of colour to their garden. While I was out there today I took a few snaps of just 3 of their many trees that had some huge pompoms of flowers on. Just beautiful; and for us a beautiful reminder of my sister's wedding at the end of April last year when we tied ribbons into them as they are still fluttering now. 

Thank you so much for the continued support for #mamasblooms over on Instagram. If you are on Instagram and enjoy posting pictures of flowers then tag them with the hashtag and join in our community, it is very inspiring. Starting us off for May I have some beautiful images to share but to see more head to the mamas blooms gallery.

From top left to right @rebecca_lou_72, @gatheredthreads, @mehubbyandcharliet, @littlemaldod, @acupfullofglitter, @blossomingbirds, @fabulousplaces, @hobosoycaandles, @fabulousplaces.

I love how sometimes it is simplicity that is the key to capturing great shots! Well done.
Thanks for joining in as always everyone, lets see what comes up next month!



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