Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Birthday parties and homemade pizza!

We have just celebrated Rob's birthday this past weekend and it has been fab. We were so lucky with the weather and when you are having an outdoor pizza party, that is a bit of a necessity with children running around in an array of fancy dress costumes, bunting flapping in the wind. Saturday was a perfect start to us celebrating over the bank holiday.

Trying to get into the spirit of having a party weekend wasn't hard. I spent most of the Friday before baking cakes and using some fab confetti balloons to decorate our living space with. I always think decorating for a man's bithday can be quite hard. Most of our table cloths have a very feminine touch to them, I mean, a sequin table runner, yeah, that is one for me, but using that with some other pretty gold accents I feel that the decor wasn't particularly girly; just more neutral. It is always lively having the  opportunity to decorate for a party so I like to try and make it special.
It was also nice that I could tie in Rob's birthday cake to the theme. I picked up some gold confetti cake topping from Tesco which nicely mirrored the balloons! Gold spots for the win!

Rob being the absolute genius that he is built a pizza oven very early on in our marriage. This has lead to many pizza parties and a lot of lovely events taking place in our back garden. I think for all of his 7 bithdays living here he has had a pizza party and why not? it always works well. We have all developed quite a skill at making pizzas and as they come out the oven you can see people getting quite gastro-chef like and producing fantastic variations of the basic margarita!

With presents, family and being able to enjoy being outdoors, a wonderful day was had!


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