Thursday, 5 May 2016

The most colourful picnic mat: Testing Team review for GLTC

I must say, it doesn't happen often, but when I receive something to review I will often take an initial first shot, maybe post it on Instagram and then leave it for a week or so to follow up with a shoot and write up. However yesterday whilst I was on the school run, a parcel arrived that got me all excited! Luckily, Rob was in so when I eventually noticed the package on the dining table I did a little squeal of excitement. The sun was shining and I knew inside the bag was a picnic mat from Great Little Trading Co which was going to make our summer outdoor feasting perfect.
After taking the first picture I noticed that my camera was picking up the natural light perfectly and a collection of shots lead to me want to share the mat immediately! I just love how the colours look!

Before I get carried away with just writing about photo quality and how our natural lighting was white for once instead of its usual sun-kissed glow of yellow, I wanted to talk about a product which can be only described as the most practical, large and beautiful picnic mat on the market. As soon as I put a picture on Instagram I had a chorus of mums saying that they have one and that they have been a great purchase. 
 A little back story about this mat then: One of the ladies who heads buying at GLTC HQ wanted to design a mat that would mean that a whole family would be able to sit and eat in comfort. She would have mats that would always end up leaving her on the grass and getting damp so having a product that allowed for a family to sit more comfortably was what GLTC wanted to produce. And boy have they! It is huge! It also folds down quite snug so it isn't an inconvenience to carry. There is a heavy waterproof bottom that comes up and over the edges for those rainy summers we are are used to and it is nicely padded so it isn't just a flat sheet; almost more like a bedspread!

Anyway, my initial reaction to it is that it is wonderful, lovely print and so practical for spending a summer outside.

I will do another review in a few weeks to see how it has worn on a trip out! 


*Post in collaboration with GLTC as part of our Testing Team role.

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