Tuesday, 10 May 2016

How to wear a scarf 5 ways

We all love any opportunity to create a look that stems from certain classic pieces. Being asked to work with one silk scarf and create 5 uses for it made me question "Well, what could you do with it?" But it didn't take long to quickly discover just how versatile one classic piece really is.
What makes a square silk scarf a wardrobe essential, something that we all need? For me, it is a piecoe that will never date. No matter how I styled it, I quickly understood that the beauty and luxury of a silk scarf is that it can do whatever you want it to. A relaxed look to just bring a bit of colour to an outfit: sure, just drape it over your shoulders. Or how about using it to tie you hair back on days when you want a clear face; it can do that also. Items such as a silk square square will always bring an element of glamour

I want to share 5 of my favourite ways to wear a silk scarf; the tiny knot, pussy-bow-tie, hair band, shawl and as a bag accessory. All of these looks are easy to execute and if you are looking to jazz up a simple t-shirt or classic striped top, like me, these options are all perfect.

The Tiny Knot
The Tiny Knot: What a perfect start, adding a little knotted scarf to any outfit always gives it that 1950s flair. For me, I pretty much always think of being a Pink Lady from Grease. It really is iconic to that look but regardless of when it was most popular, the little knot tie will forever be a perfect way to tie a scarf. With this specific scarf, as it is such a great, large size you will need to wrap it round your neck a few times before tying it up. All you need to make sure you do is have short ends for tying the knot to create that tight look.

The Pussy-bow-tie
The Pussy-bow-tie: This look is better when you want to create a really statement look to finish off an outfit. It is a lot fuller than the tiny knot tie so you will get a lot more colour and pattern on show from the scarf. This is a looser tie so start by folding your square in half so you have a triangle. You will then want to roll it up so you have a long scarf. Then simply wrap around your neck and tie at the front in as big a bow as you can.

The Hair Band
The Hair Band: tying a scarf in your hair is very reminiscent of lots of WW2 propaganda posters of women doing hard work. You know the ones I mean, the pictures of women with their sleeves rolled up, hair pinned back and tied with a handkerchief! Such iconic images which are still around today giving us hair inspiration for creating looks with a very vintage feel! Making a silk scarf into a head band may seem tricky but it is more or less the same method as making a pussy-bow-tie but on your head! Fold your square so that you create a long, thin piece then wrap around your head a tie up. If you don't want the tails of the bow showing simply hide them in the folds like I have!

The Shawl
The Shawl: For ease I think this is my favourite way to wear a square silk scarf. Fold in half and drape over your shoulders! It is simply that easy, and with a print like this Laura Ashley one, it really changes this plain, striped top into something a bit more dressy!

Accessorising a Handbag

Accessorising a handbag: For as long as I have loved fashion I think I have used a scarf to add something special to a handbag. If it looks flat of plain against a more casual outfit, it is a great way to add colour and bring an item to life. I have done a simple draped bow around the handle and let it drip itself. It doesn't take away from the gorgeous bag just adds a little extra to it!

When wanting to accessorise with such a beautiful item it is important to remember that it doesn't matter if the bow doesn't look symmetrical or if knot is to big or small. Just put on your sunglasses, imagine the wind against your face and enjoy feeling like a famous actress in a black and white film because that is what a silk scarf really does - makes you feel like Audrey Hepburn. Classic and Beautiful.


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