Monday, 7 December 2015

The Travelling Nativity

When we first received a letter from school asking us to partake in a travelling crib project, there wasn't a chance I wasn't sending our slip back without a big 'YES' on it! What a wonderful idea for families in the school and village community to partake in such a lovely journey up to Christmas. 
In Mexico, this is a huge tradition called Posada where the nativity would move around people's houses pausing on its journey to its resting place.
What a beautiful journey to be part of and a brilliant reminder of what this season is about; a journey to the birth of a baby.
It was lovely as we had the first night of the travelling Nativity from 30th November - 1st December and it was so nice to start our Advent with this set up in our home. The kids were gorgeous with it and just wanted to play with it as we set it up. They said some really cute things and Etta made sure to kiss them all goodnight after both children, in unison (for the first time ever), said their bedtime prayers!


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