Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas reads with Egmont Publishing

We were really lucky to be sent some beautiful seasonal books to share with the children over the Christmas period. I love reading with the kids and seasonal books are my favourite. 
I wanted to share these few with you all as they are such a nice addition to our bookshelves.

Socks for Santa by Adam and Charlotte Guillain is a very fun story about George who decides its about time that Santa got some presents! His journey to the North Pole is eventful and full of little twists and turns on his way to find Santa. This is also a rhyming story which I love as I always enjoy the rhythm that they bring to story telling. Find out more via Egmont Publishing or buy it here.

Now The Little Christmas Tree by Corina Fletcher and Vicki Gausden is a very child friendly tale about the animals in the wood having to decorate the only Christmas tree that has been accidentally forgotten. The animals collect up bits and decorate the tree themselves and finish it off with the help of a jolly old man!
This book has really cute illustrations but what is wonderful is that you can tie back the book and reveal a lovely Christmas tree ready to be decorated with some pop out pictures included. What a wonderful activity for the kids! Find more information via Egmont Publishing or buy it here.

I always love finding a child friendly Nativity book and this one by Holly Sterling is wonderful. Really simple text that tells the story clearly and sweet pictures to match. What is lovely is that early readers could enjoy reading this too as the text is so clear which is a lovely thing to be able to try with your children.

This book also has a play section in it that allows kids to set up a nativity scene which is a very nice way to end the reading session. Find more information via Egmont Publishing or buy it here.

I have loved having these stories as part of our journey to Christmas. They really have been lovely reads which have all added a bit of magic into bedtime reading in their own way!


*Collaborative post with Egmont Publishing

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