Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmassy morning snuggles.

Saturday mornings bring perfect opportunity for Etta and I to do absolutely nothing! It is the only day in the week where we have no reason to get out of our pyjamas and we allow ourselves to have a lazy morning. Raph has a swimming lesson at 9 that Rob always takes him to and then they usually do some shopping or an errand on their way home so it gives us until after 10.30am before we need to be ready for the day!

I am not the kind of girl who usually stays in her pyjamas for long; I like to get up and enjoy the day. With the school run I don't have the time to stay in them long anyway so Saturdays are a bit of a treat for both of us!

With Christmas rolling in quickly this also offers us time to sit and try to enjoy a bit of seasonal reading. We absolutely love The Snowman and The Snow Dog, watching the little film really makes me feel Christmassy so I got a book that accompanies it and the kids love it!

I need to make more moments like this available to our children really as when you actually sit down and start reading like this with Etta, it makes me realise just how perfect spending these snippets of time is!
With Raph finishing school this week for the Christmas holidays it is nice for us to begin the settling down time ready for enjoying all the partying. It will be so nice on Friday morning, the first day of holiday, not having to rush to get up and having both of them at home.

There is nothing nicer than being indoors as it pours with rain outside, if only it was Snow hey, but then we wouldn't be in our PJs; we would be out playing! But these pyjamas are keeping us both looking swish, and you know us, we love any opportunity to do a bit of mother daughter matching!
Etta's pyjamas are part of a new range from Angel's Face which are the beautiful brand whose tutus we love. It is so nice that they have ventured into more clothing for little girls are still offering such beautiful classic clothes for little girls.
Etta is wearing long sleeved lavender set and I have been lucky enough to get a matching pair even though these are not yet available for purchase! Keep you eyes peeled, here's hoping that they might bring out an adult range!!!

With pretty pyjamas, good books and moments for cuddles, I am finding that I am able to really give more of myself to Etta as work can become the forefront of my thinking and I can find myself easily distracted by Instagram looking and Facebook liking. Stopping to allow myself these times is a much nicer way to spend my Saturday mornings.


*Thank you to Angel's Face for gifting us these Pyjamas to use in this post.

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