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Mamas' Blooms Newsletter Edition 1

Here we are then, a lovely new start to a new format for how I share my thoughts on Nanda's and my Instagram tag project, Mamas' Blooms. This is a thriving community of ladies who have a passion for flowers and sharing their gorgeous images with us through Instagram using the hashtag #mamasblooms.
We are so fortunate to have so many people who want to take part, but I was struggling to not sound repetitive with how I told you about them. So, a change of format was needed and now I hope to share with you this monthly "Newsletter" with my thoughts on floral design, wise words from other mamas with a love for flowers, seasonal top picks and a gallery from you lovely people wanting to be involved!
I hope you enjoy it. All you need to do to participate is tag any flowers related pictures and be following Nanda and I on instagram and you could feature!

Christmas Floral Decoration.
At Christmas time we find a lot less space for fresh blooms as we start to fill our mantle pieces and shelves with Christmas garlands. I try to use fresh spruce through the house as it just smells so gorgeous but that means I don't usually decorate with it until about a week and a half before Christmas day as it dries quickly and we keep up our decorations into early new year. However, any small decorative fresh pieces I make up early as I know I can keep replacing them.
That is why this simple fresh greenery garland is so great that I just wanted to share it with you. You do not need to be any type of professional floral arranger to make this. It is very simple: grab a few stems of greenery, I have spruce, eucalyptus, ruscus and bay. Make two bunches that look the same then overlap and tie the stems together in the middle with the branches pushing out. Then tie around the ribbon to cover the string.
I love to just hang these nicely on mantles or mirrors. They are a lovely piece of freshness to have through your home and they look very festive.

Wise words on having flowers in your home: By Nanda
I thought it would be nice in each newsletter to invite some of you ladies who style flowers extremely well to share your thoughts on your love for flowers and how you like to have them in your home. As this is the first in the new series I thought it would be nice for Nanda to share her thoughts.

"Fresh Flowers are always welcoming
Don't you all love the warming and fuzzy feelings of having fresh cut flowers at home? I personally love it, for me, lovely pretty posy can instantly improve my mood, it adds a fresh new look to that "everyday table" decor, making you feel good about your living space, it makes any area much brighter, bringing a lively sparkle to it, and honestly I do believe that it makes me even more inspired. I'm not sure if it's their beautiful scents or the pop of colour, but I love everything about it!
It doesn't have to be anything dear, fresh roses bouquet, sweet Williams, or chrysanthemums bouquet, will do the trick, plus all of those can be easily found in any local store, for an amazing price starting from £1.50!
As for arranging them, it doesn't require any personal decor skills; just pop them in a beautiful jug, a cookie jar, or even reuse your empty jam jar, it looks so pretty!
And lastly, flowers can help you with your seasonal home decor, I can't wait to get myself a lovely big red poinsettia for Christmas! Xx"

Thank you Nanda for sharing your thoughts.

Seasonal top picks
Heading into Christmas there are some lovely blooms available for decorating with. As I have mentioned about your fresh spruce and Nanda mentioned about Poinsettia plants; there are so many seasonal and festive flowers and plants you can have in your home.
A few of favourites of mine are of the foliage variety, I especially like using holly, bay and rosemary around the home, which I know grow all year but seem especially fitting this time of year. Hyacinths, wax flowers, red hypericum, cream roses and a touch of mistletoe are all ones that I also love to use in my home.
This year however I think I will be decorating a lot with pink avalanche rose as I had added a subtle touch to my Christmas decor, mixed with eucalyptus, some bay and possibly some lighter flowers like cream Spray roses, wax flower and white anemones (if I can get them). I am planning for a muted colour pallet to match in with the more silver and white tones of my decorations.

(Pictures via pintrest)

#mamasblooms Gallery
I just wanted to share some of my favourite snaps from the gallery with you. Thank you for continually joining in! We really love seeing them!

I hope you have enjoyed this new format. I'm a afraid it will be a monthly venture to start with just as I am very busy with other projects and a week goes so quickly, I don't find time to prepare.
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Also, Nanda has started her own blog so head over to Made of love and dust and follow her journey.


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