Tuesday, 22 December 2015

That's a wrap

Can you believe it? Christmas is virtually here. What a month it has been.
As we near the end I am sure I am not the only one virtually wrapping myself in paper! Just as I think I am done I remember that I have all my siblings' gifts to wrap, cue an extra 16 gifts to sort through and organise! Luckily that was today's job done so only a small amount left! 

It doesn't really bother me that much once I am doing it. I find it quite therapeutic really, it is just the thought that makes me put it off a bit, but once I start I really do enjoy wrapping. I was asked by Laura Ashley recently to share my thoughts on wrapping like a pro. I felt so complimented that they asked me but something that I wanted to talk about and share with you all isn't just about making the gift look perfect. 

When I started thinking about it I felt that it didn't matter what the present is wrapped like, yeah, it is lovely to take your time and effort to make that extra special piece, and actually being able to do that is a wonderful way to make someone feel special. But at the end of the day a sheet of paper taped nicely is all that it takes. The fact that you have taken that time to pick something, wrap it and take it as a gift is the worth of the present. That whole experience of someone taking time to consider what you might like and actually pay for it is what is special. The gift has so much more meaning that just the product you find inside! 

I may seem ungrateful if a gift isn't to my taste, but I would rather people didn't spend money on me if it is something that doesn't actually suit me or my life. But then this realisation of it being something that a person has sought out for me makes me recognise just how lucky I am, something that has had thought and effort makes me know that someone has had me in the forefront of their mind, such a feeling to be loved by these people.
I hope you are all ready; I cannot wait now!


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