Monday, 14 December 2015

Christmas play mat with Sophie Allport

I want to share with you another easy Christmas sewing project using some gorgeous Sophie Allport fabric. This Robin & Mistletoe fabric is so gorgeous and perfect for this festive season. I decided to make a very simple play mat for the children to use in the lead up to Christmas. As we have wooden floors everywhere we have always had to have a play mat out for the kids to drop their toys onto. Our usual road mat was a bit too ordinary for this time of the year and I wanted to make something special to have out on Christmas day to have all their presents on!
This was another very simple sewing project. I used my sewing machine as it is a large piece but all easy straight lines!

The most important part of this is making sure you get your wadding on the inside of your fabric. I have my Robin and then just a simple fabric on top of each other with the print facing inwards. This is the first step. Lay them flat on each other matching up the edges and trimming to the size you want. Then lay the wadding on top. So the two cottons are on each other with prints facing, then wadding on the top. This makes the wadding inside once you turn it after sewing.

Pin and seem all the edges leaving a 30 cm gap on one side which will allow you to turn the whole piece inside out. In one maneuver (once all edges are sewn) you should just turn the whole piece inside out making the mat. Cotton prints facing outwards on the top and bottom and wadding in the middle. Then fold in the edges where you left the gap and sew together. 
I then sewed all around the mat about an inch in from the edge which secures the cotton and wadding together. 

I am so pleased with the final result. This is absolutely perfect for the kids to have. It is really luxurious with the padding which makes it a little bit special, almost like a blanket to play on.
We have this out everyday at the moment which is lovely. The kids just bundle their toys onto it and play which is exactly what it is there for. And even if it gets dirty it is completely washable so really child friendly.

I think the Stag print would make an amazing play mat, I really love that print. I would also love to make another one of these after Christmas, I think Sophie Allport's On the farm fabric or Alice In Wonderland would be perfect as a play mat. Then even in summer your could uses oilcloth so you could take it outside into the garden!


*This is a collaborative post with Sophie Allport who gifted me this fabric to use as I pleased. 

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