Monday, 20 July 2015

Twinning with my sister in Joules brights.

It's not often that you will find me and Ella in the same picture. She is my go to photographer for all of the fashion posts for this blog and she does such a good job! Ella is my youngest sister; there are 12 years between us and I am also her Godmother. It seems crazy that together and looking like this you probably couldn't tell that we are so far apart in the family; four siblings in between us! 
I thought it would be good to twin up with her as I wanted to share this new season pink coat, but as a lover of joules I also had this yellow one from a few years ago, which they have a new version of in stock now.
The bright colours and their classic stripes are a combination that are perfect for summer! I have a few versions of the stripey tops and they wash and wear so well. We are also both wearing Joules shoes, which have now made it into the sale! I adore these, they are leather and will last for years! 
I think we just need the seaside as our backdrop really. We're ready for those windy bbqs and rainy picnics that we can be quite accustomed to through the British summertime!!

I wore Coat/Top/Shoes
Ella wore Coat/Top/Shoes
All from Joules

Post by Emily


  1. This post is adorable!! There are 12 years between me and my youngest sister �� Gorgeous outfits, have just bought a new rain coat from Next, but love this yellow Joules one too!! And both pairs of shoes!!!

  2. I love this! I want to do the same with my sister... bagsy the yellow!! ;-) xxx


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