Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Get and keep that holiday feeling at home with Teisseire Sirops.

When the weather is this glorious Rob and I will often say, whilst sat in our back garden, that we could be anywhere in the world. Those blue skies just get you to turn your brain off and a 10 minute sit in the garden can make your body and mind feel so good!
I am loving our garden at the minute; I planted 3 hydrangea plants last year after our French holiday as houses, side roads and country lanes were just covered in them and I wanted to grow huge bushes like they had to always remind me of those views.
They have just started to bloom and are wonderful. They give me that "French" feeling as soon as I step outside! You guys will know by now how much I love creating my own little Frenchie bubble here at home, so when I was contacted by Teisseire to try some of their French Sirops I made a little giggle of glee and decided that today, Bastille day, would be a great opportunity to celebrate with them.

Teisseire is a staple on French supermarket shelves and has been for years. Starting out in 1720, the first form of sirop was made in Grenoble by Mathieu Teisseire and shared amongst the neighbourhood in the French Alps. It then grew and developed over the years as it was passes through the family until 1907 when Franรงois Reynaud bought it and took the business forward. It then went down through his family with innovation and the product grew so big that the business moved to Crolles, still with the glorious French Alps as their back drop. Acquired by Britvic in 2010 Tesseire still continues to make drinks more exciting and remains true to its French roots as much as possible.

If you add a drop of their sirops to your drinks, they say you get that "joie de vivre" feeling! I must say, I think they are right! I am going to be biased though; anything that gives me that French holiday feeling is going to get a massive thumbs up from me. Allowing me to have a few precious French inspired moments when I stop and relax is always going to be a welcome treat in our house!

As much as I would love to keep this treat for me, I have found Raphael has now got a taste for it and I think our supply is going to start to run low quicker than I would like!

Add their caramel or vanilla gourmet drops to your coffees for a little luxury or if you fancy giving your summer drinks a little extra flair why not try some raspberry sirop with ice cold water, fresh mint and lemon! Also, drinking them out of Bonne Maman jam jars seems very fitting!

Happy summer drinking everyone!

If you would love the opportunity to have your own selection of Teisseire Sirops why not Share and Like this post on Facebook and tag Brick Dust & Glitter in it! All of you who take part will have your names put into a hat and potentially be picked out as a winner! A winner will be drawn on Friday 17th July to celebrate the end of term and beginning of the summer holidays!!
(This competition is not endorsed by Facebook but is run in collaboration with Brick Dust & Glitter, Teisseire and Iris Worldwide.)

You can buy from most big supermarket brands over here in the UK!

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