Friday, 24 July 2015

10 Minutes of getting our kids to get active with Change 4 Life!

You may have seen the adverts popping up on TV the last few weeks for Change 4 Life; the government initiative to keep the nation active. For the summer they have designed a programme for children to get out and get active for 10 minutes and I felt that it would be good to test and see as this programme is completely free! All you do is go onto the change for life 10 minute shake up website and sign up your children. It is ideally aimed at 5 - 11 year olds but to be honest, 10 minutes of run around activity time is good for all moving children. These packs are centred around a couple of Disney films. You are able to choose the 'team'  you want the kids to be on. In the pack you get a brilliant countdown, 10 minute timer watch, an achievement sticker chart and bundles of activity cards with different ideas for getting active. Raph received the Big Hero Six set and Frozen for Etta. The programme is 6 weeks long to last the length of the summer holiday and each day the children use their challenge cards to complete a 10 minute task. For older children, they encourage using the 10 minute shake up website to track the team goals.

For us, I think the kids are going to love the idea of these Disney inspired tasks. Etta just spotted the envelope it all came in with a Frozen picture on the front and was just desperate to see inside!
The timer watches are great as well. They look fab and the kids just think they are amazing when they have to wear them for a task!

As far as whole product reviews go, it is a great set to get the young ones up and active. The production of cards, and the sticker chart for each day's achievements is great and the kind of thing you would pay money for. With the countdown watch included I think the whole scheme is amazing and a real encouragement for children.

If you want to get you children involved, get signed up immediately as I am sure there are a limited number of packs! For free fun activities this holiday, why not start with Change 4 Life?

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