Thursday, 23 July 2015

4 year olds, presents and discovering that my role as mother is always changing.

Raphael is 4, can you believe it? He starts school in September and it seems that in the last few weeks his changes in growth and development have hit home more than ever. His playing, his language, his general being is just growing up and it is amazing watching the change and witnessing how my parenting towards him is also ever changing. He's developed a sulk; yep, he has got the fake tearing up, red cheeks, head rested on hands and huge sigh down to a fine art! Who do they learn that from??
He is also becoming a little boy, his general outside play revolves around him being a knight and saving a princess (either me or Etta) and he just loves how he must protect us from dragons and keep us safe in his castle! He loves that male role; the protector!

Today he has just been really funny. He opened his first birthday present which was actually some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character toys and just played with them for about 20 minutes, whilst all the other presents just sat in a pile. He wasn't bothered, he just loved what he had!
It then progressed a bit like that with everything else, I think he opened his last presents after 4pm! It was nice though, to see him enjoying each gift and playing with them rather than blasting though. 
Rob built the kids a fantastic climbing frame with a slide which he has played on a lot today, running around with wellies on the wrong feet and trying to ride his new bike were all parts of a birthday a home. We had plans to go out but he was just so happy playing with his stuff that we didn't bother.

After a huge brunch with the family we all had a rather relaxing day and as the organiser, I feel that my role as mother is being fulfilled in so many ways. Cake maker, table decorator, present picker and wrapper; it all adds to a day that zooms by but is so greatly appreciated by those who come and take part. 
As far as memorable celebrations go, I am sure it might not be up there, but as long as Raphael grows up knowing that his birthday is a day when family and friends come and celebrate with him, I know that he will always keep the memories of happy birthdays spent building lego, breaking it and rebuilding it again in his heart.

Crash mats at the ready!

Post by Emily


  1. Awh looks like a great celebration! When my 2 boys turned 4 I found it very emotional! Like they had reached a big milestone - of leaving the baby/toddler years behind.
    All those cakes and treats look scrummy!!!

  2. Where's the Turtle cake! We want the turtle cake, we want the turtle cake! X


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