Friday, 3 July 2015

Feeling like a Yellowbelly and supporting our hometown.

Last week was the return of the annual Lincolnshire Show that our family all went. I love it as it is a great showcase of what lincolnshire is all about. Not only do you have huge amount of farm machinery, but local shops, businesses, schools, and sellers all congregate on the showground to show what they have to offer.
It is a huge event; 1 day there is almost not enough, with delicious food, live shows in the main ring and lots of independent entertainers around the grounds there is something to see and do all day. I really enjoy going and have done for years. The kids did the classic GO, GO, GO, then tantrum as they were too hot and tired, but once they had rested we were able to enjoy the day again!
They particularly just wanted to be in ALL the tractors. That was it. They just loved it and we easily spent 2 hours just watching them sit in and on different machines!
The shopping was lovely and Raph and I both came away with some stylish leather hats from Fennmill. Little Raph had been asking for days to be a cowboy but it was pretty much the only outfit we didn’t have in our dressing up box, so when I saw these gorgeous leather hats, I knew that by the end of the day we would be purchasing one! Obviously, I got one as they were just so lovely!
Between sitting in a gorgeous ‘in my dreams’  Range Rover from Duckworth, admiring The Kangaroo Kid's quad bikes and enjoying the main ring shows, we found ourselves wandering in the hot sun and just enjoying the sights.
Enjoy the photos and if you are interested in what happens on the Lincolnshire Showground take a peak!
Also, in case you didn’t know a Yellowbelly refers to a born and bred Lincolnshire lad/lass!

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