Friday, 31 July 2015

Pass me the chocolate! #mamabakescakes

So I have decided to split #mamasblooms and #mamas bakes into two post as you guys having been enjoying sharing your pictures so much! I must say a Huge thank you on behalf of Nanda and myself as the support for this has been wonderful! We absolutely love seeing all the pictures and hope you are all enjoying everyone else's ideas also.

This week the bakes being produced really left my mouth watering. I made a chocolate brownie cake earlier in the week but after Raphael's birthday celebration last week I think we were on a sugar high as we still have a bit left! 

I don't know about you guys but I cannot wait until the 5th August as that is when the Great British Bake Off starts on the BBC. I ruddy love that show! In fact Rob and I both love it! I am hoping it inspires my baking and real inspires us all for #mamabakescake, I can't wait to see the show stoppers!

This week we seemed to have quite a few chocolate fueled cakes so I picked a few that look like they ready for sharing.

From top left to right:
@rvk_loves / @lissyagosto / @natasha_albertelli / @lizzieandgeorge

*Sorry Lissy and Natasha but it wouldn't let me link to you :(

The Cakes all look delicious!

Thank you for joining in again ladies. Here's to the next week of baking!

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