Friday, 3 July 2015

Playing With Petals

I love it when little moments of learning get presented to you. I believe that children are always learning so I don’t necessarily ‘create’ lots of situations; I just let them happen when I notice that they are heading that way. Like the other week, I was cutting the petals of some hydrangea that I was trying to dry but had wilted in the heat. The kids were just playing with their toys and the TV was on and I was letting these petals fall onto a tea towel to collect them all up. Etta wandered over and asked to be put onto the chair, and with dummy in mouth she just sat there and started touching the petals and grasping them between her fingers. It wasn’t long before my pile on the tea towel was off the tea towel and sprinkling onto the floor. And then with that, Raph bounded over questioning what Etta was doing. He then climbed on a chair and between them played at piling up the petals for about 20 minutes. It wasn’t long until we were using the leaves as plates for  petal food and ‘feeding’ each other. It was just a precious little pocket of time before they got distracted and headed back off to do their own thing!

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