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Summer pizza party with Garden Trading

I remember one of our earliest posts was about a pizza party we had with my family. Now, a year later we have lit the pizza oven again and reignited our passion for alfresco dining. It is crazy that we haven't had one this year yet but with our building project we have just spent all of our time doing that and the garden has been a building site so it just wasn't possible. 
Having been sent a few products from Garden Trading and the build completed and the ground looking tidier, this weekend has been the perfect opportunity to fire it up again!

The effect of eating these pizzas is somewhat unexplainable. There is nothing quite like making and cooking a pizza in your back garden. It is one of those; ''you have to try it to understand'' kind of things! I just love how passionate Rob is about it. It was the first thing he built when we moved into our home - I suppose the start of us building this ex-council house into something! 

I always had a passion for trying to make the set up for a party the best it could be, after years of having a table made out of a door and cut logs and using simple Tupperware or dishes to serve in, it is nice to pass into a stage of life where I now can dress table with beautiful table wear pieces that suit our style and home.
I have bought from Garden trading for sometime now. I think I have about 5 of their jugs for flowers around the house, countless zinc mini planters and a few extra pieces. It was lovely when they sent over some perfect garden party items to add to my collection.

Already being a fan of theirs; I was not disappointed. Garden trading suits me and how I like to organise parties. Easy sharing platters, soft colours and practical pieces is something that Garden Trading are excellent at designing. Thanks to a few pieces gifted to me from them, I want to share with you how you can have a practical and beautiful garden party!

This wine bottle carrier is perfect for holding oils and water all in one place; it's easy to carry through the garden or even display bottles in the house. Its gorgeous shade matches our styling and I love the wooden handles.

For me, nothing quite beats the smell of basil when cooking pizza. These little plants are fab as table decorations and these galvanised herb pots make the plants look really neat and smart.

What is great about garden parties is the sharing. I love just a big table of food where everyone can help themselves, everybody getting involved in making the pizza and people just enjoying the freedom of friendship fueled eating! These dip, nibble and share jars are a perfect example for the sharing philosophy. You can pop anything in them and just leave them open for all!

I suppose just sometimes pizza's aren't enough and having a bit of extra bread for dipping in balsamic vinegar and olive oil is needed. This gorgeous beech paddle board is almost the centre of the table, ready and waiting for everyone to grab pieces and dip away!

When it comes to table decoration, flowers always appear for me and these classic enamel jugs are the only vase I need! Seriously, I don't often stray too far from these and if I do I use these gorgeous cornbury glass votives as vases! 

For this party though, the glass votive is perfect as intended with a candle in for helping keep bugs away!
My 'GROWN IN THE UK' bucket is also great storage for occasions like this. Blankets work well as you can just roll them up and carry them out.

People definitely love to pick at parties like this. It isn't always about having your own plate, food that you can just take a pinch of can be social and easy. This table top serving tray is great for carrying around to all your guests.

I suppose one of the highlights of most parties is delicious ice cold drinks and as you could display them so nicely in this Bilbury galvanised table top planter, people will be ready to get into full party spirit.

Another thing that their enamel jugs are good for is storing cutlery to offer to guests. 

What I love about the Garden Trading products is that they feel wholesome; the wood, enamel and galvanised metal all are so nice to look at but also feel solid and like they are made to be handled and loved. They are for use in the home and by family, and I really love how their shades are so calming and natural.

A huge thank you to Garden Trading who gifted me the Bilsbury planter, beech chopping board, table top tray and wine bottle carrier. And a big thanks to Rob and my mum who have bought me all their other lovely products over the past couple of years!!

If you want to see all of Garden Tradings products then why not visit the website.

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