Friday, 24 July 2015

New projects on Instagram and the Blog.

It is so nice when you find like minded people who want to connect. That is something blogging has really opened my eyes to and it is nice how communities form and how people can meet. This is how I have met Nanda. A lady who is as interested as me in flowers, baking, home decor and running around after little ones. Together we have started to build a little community on Instagram where you can share pictures of flowers and baking and view everyone else's styles and bakes that will hopefully encourage and inspire us all!

Every week we want our followers to share pictures and use the hashtag #mamabakescakes or #mamasblooms to match their appropriate pictures. We are looking for all kinds of snaps relating to baking and floristry. They can be of a quick batch of brownies or of flowers picked from the fields, whatever and however you have these in your lives would be lovely to see.
Nanda is then going to share the ones that catch her eye each week on her Instagram and I will share mine on the blog and Facebook!

Here are mine and Nanda's examples of pictures we have shared from this week!




Look at these wonderful examples from you talented lot!
All these #mamabakescakes really inspired me! Not only is Nanda in there herself after celebrating her 8th wedding anniversary with a beautiful heart cake but some other lovely ladies have featured!

From top left to right
 This gorgeous icing drizzled loaf cake by Geraldine looks fantastic! And the most perfect looking cookies by @yukichan17 look fantastic. Nanda's heart shaped cake looks like a lovely anniversary treat! And Ren looks like she has produced a glorious afternoon treat!
Thanks for sharing ladies!!


I love seeing flower displays! You all have such a keen eye for how you use them in your homes! These ones really caught my eye!
From top left to right.
Little Maldod has got her display just right with books and flowers assembled perfectly. Chloe Grace B has excelled with the gorgeous vase and Iris collection. Johanna's has just the ideal garden rose in a beautiful jug and Beth has me thinking "I need a spot like this"!
Just beautiful, ladies!

Thank you for this first week of support! It has been lovely seeing all the pictures pop up! As you go through your next week, don't forget to tag our pictures and share what you are doing!
Get involved as your pictures could feature and you will help encourage us all with designs and ideas!

Also check out Nanda's Instagram to see the ones that really caught her eye!

Post by Emily


  1. Have you got a photo of Raf's Turtle cake? I would love to see that! X

  2. So delighted to be featured in your new weekly feature this week :-) Thank you. I have loved discovering and reading your blog today. I have met so many lovely people through Instagram, and Instagram has quickly become a great social community to find like minded people who share similar interests. It's constantly inspiring! As they say 'every person you meet is a new door to a different world (cheeses I know!)' and everyone seems to have something to inspire others with! I look forward to more of your blog posts and inspiring IG posts xxx

  3. I've heard about this on instagram, lots of people are talking about it..(I'm clairemb12) I will tag any finished bakes or nice flowers, it's such a lovely idea xxx


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