Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Where I am with my blogging right now.

My so called 'time' that I planned to have in September hasn't really happened. That is no bad thing though. Life's path threw up some twists and turns and I followed it steadily instead of doing what I thought I should be. Turns out I was right to step away from that 'full time blogger' status as actually it quickly became less enjoyable and too much like hard work. What I like is having my blog here as my partner. As the one who I turn to when I have something long-winded to say, and that's the relationship I live with it. I learned that my path is maybe to do something else, to earn money elsewhere and to develop as a human in another way. My Career Change post was received really well by some of you. It seems so many of us are working to suit our family and doing it in a way that gives us joy. I always loved working. I always I like work and I always put my heart into it. I think that's why late last year I kinda knew that making this blog space my only work wasn't enough. I need outside inspiration. Don't we all? And I need other creatives to get me going. When you shut yourself off from that in the everyday your ideas dry up.
Just the other day I was sat flicking through the blog and following the suggested reads at the bottom and some really old posts came up. It made me smile so much. Some amazing moments published that are there as a diary for us to see. It made me happy. It confirmed that this blog isn't just for the readers. It isn't just for the shares or the 'advertising'; it inspires me. Looking back gives me ideas, it reminds me of fleeting moments that I managed to get into print and then forget about, and it gives me chance to reflect on what this blog is; a space to share, which I need in my busy life and a place that shows me what I have done, as often I think I haven't done a lot in life and just a few pictures help me see what I have, in fact done. 
Me and blogging isn't stopping anytime soon, reiterating my CAREER POST, I am just making sure my work life continues to satisfy my family life. This blog is my space to share what I want, and I know that still will have interest. A catch up here and there is what I need and I hope the blog continues to be that space for me. 


  1. You can’t give it up!! Then what would I read every morning other than the gloomy world news?! Are you doing anymore videos? Have a great Valentine’s Day!!!

  2. I have similar views.
    I have never been able to make blogging work for me as an income always needing full time employment.
    One day I shall do something creative that makes my heart happy but for now I have my blog and my life that supports my 3 kiddies.


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