Sunday, 25 February 2018

Finding New Lighting with WAYFAIR {SPONSORED}

Let's talk about light. Being married to an electrician makes that conversation a common one. Whether it be about replacements or new features, talking about light is one I thing know a bit about. A lot of my knowledge though comes from experience. We had a small house with few windows and now we have a large, open living area which allows natural light to flow in through the day, but as soon as dusk hits we find darkness quickly falls and a coolness sets in. For me, I have always therefore been aware of the complete use of light to not only brighten a room, but to bring warmth and an atmosphere to our space. 
I absolutely hate living with the main ceiling light on. I find it so unromantic and it is very rarely on all by itself because of this. When it's family time we have the lamps on and strings of fairy lights with the main light as it helps fill all the naturally dark areas and is really great for ambiance. I love using light to give us that. As soon as dinner or whatever is over the main lights go off and I leave the remaining lamps on to dress the room in a soft glow! I can't resist. The darkness then hides the mess so I can just ignore it for a bit longer and my lamps just give us a cosy welcoming feel. Who doesn't love mood lighting!!

I can take an age to choose the right light. Why is that?? I just like to consider the look I want to create and as home trends change I like to find something the will last me but still make our space look new. You may know I am a fan of WAYFAIR and the way they set up their online shop. I just find it so easy to use and there is so much choice that keeping my home looking up to date is very easy. 
I was browsing through the ENDON LIGHTING COLLECTION and got a real feel for new trends coming up. I knew I wanted something sleek and metal, very minimal and elegant, nothing too modern (so that it didn't date quickly) and in a nice neutral colour. Our downstairs living space is very white and I have found keeping it simple almost gives us more room. Finding a lamp that ticked all the boxes ended up not being as difficult as I imagined.

What's nice about this ENDON TRIPOD LAMP is that it ticks all my boxes. No fuss, just simple and something that fits beautifully in our space.
With being public about sharing my home and style I am always aware of how I create a look. For me, replacing our old pottery based lamp with something much more sleek and elegant just gives the room a more refined look.
With the use of dark grey, metallics and even some green, this space is oozing clean, modern minimalism and it really is a piece that finishes off the space.

*This post is sponsored by WAYFAIR.


  1. Great post - and so is your whole blog! :) I'm looking for lighting inspiration for my future bathroom (which is going to be done by the Home Expert team from Aberdeen) and this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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