Thursday, 22 February 2018

To Bed Little One {A GLTC REVIEW}

It seems an age ago that I wrote my first bedding review for GREAT LITTLE TRADING CO. In fact, it just featured Raphael and was just over 2 years ago. How the blog has grown and so has he. It seemed appropriate that this time round I just had Etta in one. I don't know, she just has something about her at the moment that just reminds me of youth. To be honest, we were skeptical about our week of half term with her as she has been slightly difficult, but it actually turned out to be a great week. She has turned a corner or whatever childhood thesis spin you want to put on it. Regardless, she rocked up and was only too happy to have her picture taken to share the new DALMATIAN SPOT BEDDING which is just beautiful.

Having been working with GLTC for a few years now I have come to notice one thing. Their stuff lasts. It was only the other night that I was looking at some wooden toys and thinking they still looked great even after a year with them. Our furniture that we got a lot of last spring/summer also has daily use and is great still. That's important when buying isn't it? That want for things to last, and as GTLC isn't the cheapest on the market you want to be sure you are getting your money's worth. Well I am here to tell you you are. 
Our children have only ever had GLTC bedding bar 2 sets. One is pure white, the back up set if you will, for all those times when sickness hits and there are multiple bed changes or when we just need the room to look simple. I, then at Christmas, got a cheap set from the supermarket for the kids' beds as that was the only addition the GLTC doesn't do; Christmas bedding. I must say, it was garish but nice enough and I couldn't wait to change it back to some good old pure cotton. You see, I have becoming a bedding snob in my older {wiser} age and I am just seeing that there is something about getting into bed in those thick, crisp, cotton sheets. We should know anyway, both Rob and I don't mind too much when the kids wake in the night and we get to cuddle up in those soft sheets. GLTC hasn't got into double sizes yet!

For me, style is an important thing as well and GLTC so reliably have got that covered; they have introduced 2 new prints recently, the Dalmatian Spot and the On The Road set which is so beautifully simple. I went for a meeting at GLTC HQ at the end of last year and I have to say, there are even more beautiful prints coming. They just have it. This way to encapsulate childhood love in simple ways and I know I always say this but they are so worth it. 

As a parenting tip too, nice beds make children want to get in them. I stand by this severely. Give a child a beautiful bedroom and they will want to be in it. That doesn't mean this is the secret of a night's sleep, I just mean that children love having something of their own and giving them that space which is theirs really makes them happy. Our children share a room and they love it, but their beds are their beds and it gives them a space that is just for them. The soft beautiful bedding just adds to that and makes them want to be in it. We all know how good clean fresh sheets feel; so do they!

*Post in collaboration with our role on the GLTC Testing Team. The Bedding was a gift.


  1. She's such a cutie! And the bedding is lovely, although I am biased as I hate over fussy kids bed linen. I like the black trim detail along the edge too xx

    1. Thanks Sophie. I know what you mean, plain is always good!Like the detail on this though but it's simplicity is what I love! x

  2. I love this bedding as it is a perfect neutral.
    Not overstyled Or patterned and could go in any room.
    What more ageless xx


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