Friday, 2 February 2018

Is Orange The New Black?

It is very rare these days that I write a blog post immediately after something has happened. There is always a period of reflection and it takes time to get pictures taken, but today I have been totally overwhelmed by a new coat and the photographs that I shared to Insta Stories were good enough to put on here!
Having not shopped for clothes all of January I didn't stop myself looking. It almost gave me the same satisfaction, and in creating wishlists I was able to reflect on what I really wanted. Well having dreamed about this coat a few times I decided that I wanted it. Its biggest seller being that the colour looked fab and the cut and style, with the belt, was everything I look for in coats. So having purchased yesterday, and paid for next day delivery, post school run I pulled up and there it was. 
It's not often that I get really googly eyes about clothing but as I put it on I had that "It's way too colourful moment", and really thought that it was probably for the fashion elite.
However, after some picture sharing and advice seeking, this coat felt like the most comfortable one I owned, and it felt right for me. 
Teaming it here with black jeans and some black stripes I instantly felt that this coat will really spruce up any old jeans and t-shirt outfit. In fact, how it was styled was just with blue jeans and a white tee, so I was already on with the casual style fix I wanted.
So is orange the new black? I know for sure that this coat gives me not only a blanket through to late spring, but this very much opens up opportunity to bold and statement dressing styles which, actually, this week especially has made me very happy!!

So where is it from? IT'S FROM H&M!

And if that wasn't cool enough, I found some awesome Gucci style loafers on there for just £19.99: SHOP THEM HERE.


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