Thursday, 1 February 2018

TWO {The Monthly Meet Up}

So, as part of my new year's resolution I decided not to make a resolution for the year, but to instead do something each month in a hope to better myself. January was the month of no spending on myself. I mainly limited it to clothes and objects of vanity. I struggled. I actually learned a lot about how I deal with things, and not spending on myself, like I would freely, really highlighted that I have a problem. None of it negative but I suppose it really brought it home why I shop. In every situation of annoyance I just wanted to go shopping. Wanted to go straight to my happy place and whether that was on the ASOS website or in town, I instantly wanted to pick my phone up and spend money. It really highlighted that I use retail therapy as a coping mechanism. Coping for my impatience with the kids, coping with my disagreements with work, and just coping with the general hump days we all experience. I felt that every point I was unhappy I went to my phone and went on the first website I could. I had no intention of buying. I was very strict with that. I wasn't going to fail this resolution no matter how many pictures I saw of brilliant bargains. Instead I found that I found some solace in just playing, almost. Making outfits in my wishlists and just viewing what was going to be up and coming trends. Eventually that squashed that feeling of "I CAN'T BUY CLOTHES!" and actually replaced it with just enjoyment from looking. I often buy a lot online but it nearly always ends up going back. Using and playing with wishlists actually has seen me remove items that I don't really need that I thought I would want once I could spend. Actually, having this period of really looking has made me really consider what I buy. 
I started the months looking at my wardrobe like I had nothing to wear and actually by the end, I started a new weekly collection of outfits I have worn for Instagram sharing. Not buying or shopping actually made me reevaluate more than ever about what I already had. Not about what I didn't want to wear anymore, but about what I could wear again. Restyling pieces I thought were past it and wearing items I hadn't worn in months. Not spending made me aware of buying better, also. It has made me actually think about what I need, if anything or what I want to get to make a load more outfits possible. January has been a great start to my year of monthly challenges. 

It's nice to end this challenge I must say. Not that I actually want to go out shopping, I got past that want but actually because I have my February challenge set up and ready and I can't wait to get stuck into it. 
I am going to learn to quilt. Yep old school, american style quilting and I am beyond excited. Due to opportunities placed on the path in front of me I have found that I am going to learn to quilt. Did you all see the new Calvin Kline advert? The Ones with Kardashians? Well that blanket: quilted!! I am going to be part of the quilting revolution and I cannot wait! I suppose from it I am hoping to not only learn a new skill but actually see where the craft takes me. I already have a head full of creations I  would love to make; you only need to type 'modern quilting' into Pinterest and you will also want to take up this hobby! So for the next month (and beyond), my new year's resolution is to learn to Quilt! 

I will be sharing more of this journey, I feel it could be really good for me to find a creative hobby. One that makes me make again and use design, and if the end results give me something to snuggle up in I can only say that I am excited to get there and get making!


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