Monday, 12 February 2018

Fika Break {Tea for me}

I want to love coffee. I really do. It's just one of those things I can't though! And it's such a shame. I hear there are some amazing drinks out there which I can't enjoy, but that said I have plenty of room in my life for tea. 

Since getting my Scandinavian teapot last summer for my birthday, we use it to make more of an event of tea. My mum got Rob the matching mugs for Christmas which was a really thoughtful gift and we've found that they have brought a whole new aspect to drinking tea. It usually becomes more of a weekend thing, when we are together, but as far as tea breaks go, we are getting our FIKA fix! Buzz word alert, FIKA is the Swedish term for coffee break. Why do these guys have these terms! I am such a sucker for them! But that's because they make sense. When do we ever stop to enjoy a proper coffee { tea} break. In Swedish offices they have an actual break, like, the office stops to drink coffee and eat pastries, I kid you not! And this reiterates what Rob and I were so conscious of in Copenhagen, everybody stops for food. It's a big deal to break and stop and be a little social. They don't like to rush things. They stop and enjoy their breaks. And what do I do, usually I am on my computer whilst eating and wondering why at the end of the day I feel so tired. It isn't rocket science. A tea break should be that; a break. I know we all say it, we're gonna learn to stop, but we never do. It's just not as ingrained in our society anymore and we get swept up in the hustle and bustle of to-do lists. 
When I am at home more, which is little these days, I have got into sitting at my desk and working solidly at something before I get myself a drink. It gives me a reason to stop working as it makes me wander back downstairs and get away from the screen for a bit of time. I like that. 

I like that I am trying to give myself that space. However, I know i will settle back.
Trying is the best thing though. Implementing little aspects of the FIKA break lifestyles will eventually lend itself to a better feeling of completeness. Something that we all want to feel by the end of the day.

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