Friday, 1 December 2017

Why is there something magical about The Nutcracker? {Ft. Biscuiteers}

Every year it is the same. There is one theme that comes out at Christmas that just fills me with happiness. I mean, it just gives that real christmassy feeling. And every year it's never anything poignant that makes me reflect on it, it just is that I have so much association with Christmas and The Nutcracker. We have a children's book of it and our kids love it. It has been, for a few years now, our favourite and very much one that is talked about at this time of year. All the shops seem to get their variation of an actual nutcracker soldier in and without a doubt both children spot them, want to hold them and very much see them just like the character from the story, as a loving hero who they want to use in their games. It's quite amazing really that the actual classic tale of Clara and her beautiful gift from Uncle Drosselmeyer stands so importantly in the lives and views of Christmas time. But I have never found the right figure; the one that represents all that magic. He's always too sparkly, or too scary and never just right for the roll that I want him to have in our life. I want it to be one of those items that comes out each Christmas and really fills them with a bit of that magic, a bit like a traditional tree train, or the angle on top of the tree, those really special items that eventually will mean Christmas has begun.
Having shared the BISCUITEERS Halloween sets, I was so pleased when they asked me to pick out a Christmas set to try. I mean, who wouldn't love getting Biscuits through the post?? It's awesome, and the arrival of their iconic black and white package caused quite a sensation with the kids, even before they had seen what we had as they knew this parcel meant there was going to be extraordinary biscuits inside. On the reveal of the THE NUTCRACKER TIN both kids were beside themselves with excitement. "I want the Ballerina", "Is there a Nutcracker?" all squeals knowing what would be in the tin as they were so familiar with it. It was so nice, and then seeing the individually iced biscuits just heightened the excitement for consumption. Unfortunately in our case, that came a little while later after photos were taken to share with this post.

A nice difference between these and the halloween ones was that these were gingerbread. Oh wonderful gingerbread that stirs up so many Christmas memories for me, it is the only biscuit necessary at this time of year. It's just perfect. In fact, I think these wonderful biscuits have prompted me to make some and decorate our own, yes, I am doing that this weekend. I am making a batch of biscuits to decorate and using these wonders as my inspiration.

What's so nice about all of these things, all arriving and stirring up emotions is that it is opportunity to really share in some special moments with the kids. With so many others things wrapping up my mind at the moment it's great to have a reminder of where I need to be, what I need to be doing and a little prompt to bring me back home {mentally} to the magic of Christmas. 

*The Biscuiteers gifted this item for this post.


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