Friday, 8 December 2017

The Little Touches. {Ft. Joanie Clothing}

Final prep. will now be underway for so many of you. I must say, as far as getting all the little things done, I am pretty much on top of it now. My mad last panic was picking up some crackers, of all things to forget, but now with just a few cards to send out I am so ready for a break with the kids and a little relaxation. 
Round the house fairy lights are adorning every surface possible and with the tree up we don't really have that long to wait until the season can truly start. 
I always write about how much I just love being at home. This never changes and with all the little seasonal pieces around and the fire blazing, there is even more of a draw to keep inside at this time. I love that; the drawing feeling to just be. Maybe I like it a bit too much; as we have made it so comfortable we are stopping ourselves going out as much. My mother-in-law has always said that they never feel the need to go on holiday because they have created a beautiful home and being in that is holiday enough. You want to be able to feel completely relaxed at home don't you, so that all can function at the family's pace, not running the race like others or avoiding rooms because they are full of rubbish {"our spare room always gets like that", she says shutting the door on it}. Home is always where the heart is and I think through the autumn and winter, we as a nation, love to be in so much more. That is our British Hygge kicking in. We love the walks, the outside, but we love the call of coming indoors so much also. 

The Christmas home is a special one for all. From our young memories to recreating all we can in our adults lives to give us the Christmas feeling. It always comes through and with me adding the finishing touches now I know it's time to just relax and enjoy. I've hung the mistletoe, got baskets of hot chocolate ready and all we need to do now is just enjoy!

And for me part of the enjoyment is also about dressing up and enjoying entertaining. JOANIE clothing were kind enough to send me a few pieces perfect for pulling on this party season. And with everything I wear, I say don't keep it for a special occasion, just enjoy it when you can, wear it well!
I'm wearing their POPPY PRINT WRAP DRESS and love it!

*Thanks to Joanie Clothing for gifting me this dress.

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