Saturday, 2 December 2017

Suit Up {Fashion Ft. Boden}

I have wanted a two piece suit for ages, Honestly, it has been on my list to get for years, I had just never found one that was right. I didn't necessarily want it to be just for smart wear, I wanted a suit that would work casually also, one that would look really cool with just trainers and a t-shirt and I had decided the only suit that looks great with that kind of styling is a navy suit. And navy is one of those colours that I can be pretty picky with. I mean it can't be blue, or light; it has to be rich and deep and well, really, really navy. Anyway, over the summer I started adding a couple of blazers into my wardrobe. You will have seen the odd post with a nice black one in and in the early summer I wrote about a linen beige one. They just started creeping in and I was teaming them usually with jeans and trainers. 
Then good old BODEN came along with their new Mum Style campaign and it was there I saw the brilliant Dress Like A Mum, donning their Mirabelle Blazer and Trousers. It was actually everything I was looking for. Just simple and pretty and wearing it on the school run and getting 2 compliments withing 5 minutes, I knew it was perfect!
It's easy, and great smart as I have styled it with Boden's Classic Shirt giving it a more business look. But I have been wearing the suits with just a cashmere jumper and white trainers and loving it in that style too. 
What a great two piece to add to a wardrobe. A suit that carries you from day to night, especially when teamed with these glitter heel Catherine Shoes. What a perfect pair for adding to this beautifully classic look!

I have another suit I am going to share which is the opposite of this, totally, but still an amazing piece to have and one that I hope lasts for years just like so many other Boden items always do.

I'm wearing;

*Boden Gifted me the suit and shoes for this post.

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