Thursday, 7 December 2017

MY Top 10 Christmas Songs.

Rob and I were talking the other day about how much the X Factor has ruined the infamous Christmas number one single. When I was a teen it was the most sought after title and the music industry used to push huge songs to the top of the charts to get the most coverted Christmas number one. It was such a big deal, and quite an achievement. It is such a shame that in the last 10 years that pretty much got destroyed as there was only ever gonna be one winner in the run up to Christmas because it had been so well advertised. In the last 3 years it has definitely calmed more and I don't notice such a big hoo-hah about it all. Maybe that's because I am not particularly interested anymore because it became so boring. It was the same every year. The same kind of ballad and the same team and advertisement and it just got boring. I remember early X factors and how exciting it was that some nobody could beat famous musicians to the top spot. Then it started to lose its sparkle; the glamour definitely went and I suppose I just got used to playing what I like at this time of year and enjoy Christmas songs from past years. 

I am a much more classical kinda Christmas Girl; I hate party Christmas songs like Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. That kind of Christmas music doesn't get me in the mood. Now Nat King Cole. Every single time. Honestly, put on his CD and that is the true start of Christmas for me! I also really love some more modern songs, like Coldplay's Christmas lights. That is a super beautiful song and gets me every time. I mean it's gorgeous and clever and a great new modern Christmas song. We all secretly {well not really secretly} love good old Michael BublĂ©! That croony voice and Christmas music are a match made in heaven and although I have had it on repeat when working in the shop for nearly 30 days solid, I can easily still listen to it. It's just easy, great music! 
I just thought for fun I would do a top 10 Christmas songs that I really love, as I find music tastes are always so crazy different between people and it's so nice to share that! 
So please feel free to leave a comment with your top ten. Let's see how we match up!!

Ok...... so in at number 10;

Oh Tannebaum by Nat King Cole

Oh Rejoice By Hillsong

Buon Natale By Nat King Cole

Christmas Lights By Coldplay

I think that one of the best pieces of music at Christmas time is music from films. I really wanted to put 'The snowman and the snow dog' in because there are some iconic pieces of Christmas music which wouldn't have battled it in the charts but really are pure Christmas pieces. 'The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy' from The Nutcracker and 'The Walking Home' Theme by John Williams from Home Alone is one of the best and it immediately transports you to a winter scene! I love that music can do that and the wonderful emotional connection we have to this time of year! 
Go On what's your number one?


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